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The Canadian Federation Of Qwan Ki Do is a national governing body which oversees and regulates all technical and some directorial aspects of all Qwan Ki Do clubs and instructors within Canada.

Under the directorship of the International Qwan Ki Do Federation, (represented in over 30 countries worldwide, with 30,000 licensed members), the Canadian Federation Of Qwan Ki Do regulates at both local, provincial and national levels the requirements for belt levels, provincial and national tournament regulations, the training of all provincial, national and international level referees and judges, the training requirements for all instructors, supplemental training for all national team members, and the arrangement of provincial and national seminars. As a governing body for grading black belts and ensuring the levels of knowledge and proficiency standards remain high, ongoing training and development of associated instructors and their students is its top priority. CFQKD will interface with other international QKD organizations to make available seminars, competitions and research trips to members.

The Canadian Federation of Qwan Ki Do is a non-profit organization which strives to support those students who have proven their abilities through nationally organized competitions in order to become members of the national team. National team members compete internationally and require funding for transportation, accommodations, meals, team uniforms etc. We strongly believe that those students who have worked to attain this level should be allowed to compete because of their merit not because of their financial ability to attend international competition. We also strive to award bursaries to qualifying students who wish to attend seminars held by Master Tong in foreign countries, such as France, Italy and Romania.

The Canadian Federation Of Qwan Ki Do accepts donations to help support these goals, and is in the process of becoming a charitable organization.
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Qwan Ki Do
Tam The
Giam Su Carl Derla began his training in Qwan Ki Do Kung Fu in 1979, with Master Goundjika Fidele, at University Club-Iasi, Romania. In the Qwan Ki Do courses, he was initiated in Chinese and Vietnamese Kung Fu, Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism.
In 1984, he opened his own school in Suceava, Romania.

In 1990, Minh Su Derla was one of the founders of the Romanian Federation of Martial Arts.

Since 1990, Minh Su Derla has been instructed in Tam The (Vietnamese Meditation Breathing Techniques) by Master Tong and in 1993 became a qualified instructor in Tam The.

Also, he is qualified instructor in Co Vo Dao (traditional weapons) such as the long stick, wood sword, long-handle and broadsword.

Minh Su Derla taught for the cities of York and North York and has demonstrated and competed across the globe in countries such as Canada, USA, France, Romania, Italy and the Ivory Coast (Africa).

In 1996, Master Tong and the International Qwan Ki Do Federation chose Minh Su Derla to develop Qwan Ki Do in Canada.

In 1996, Minh Su Derla founded the Canadian Federation of Qwan Ki Do and opened his own school in Toronto.

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