2013 Qwan Ki Do camp :

The camp location is Charleston Lake Provincial Park and we reserved so far the campsites #175 and # 202. The classes will take place at the Visitor Center/ Friends Nature shop area. Below you will find details regarding the classes:
Qwan ki do :
- Forms : How to train for a competition or a belt test and how to train for understanding the applications and the meaning of a Thao Quyen;
- Sparring : Training for sparring on uneven terrain, in the daylight and in darkness. Developing reflexes and training for self defense against empty hand attacks and against knife attacks;
Dau Tu Do :
Training for real sparring and close combat;
Co Vo Dao :
Studying applications, forms and sparring, for metal or wooden weapon. Each participant should have their own weapon and if possible a weapon with foam around, for sparring;
Tam The :
- Various Qi Cong and ancient Taoist techniques for balancing the energy of the five organs and for cleansing the organs;
- First Tam The form Truong Luu Thuy Lo, with empty hands, with a light long stick Truong Luu Thuy Lô Nhâp Bông or with a light Chinese sword.
- Initiation in the second form Sinh Khi Thao Môc empty hands.
Note that on Sunday August 25th, after the camp training, CFQKD will organize the following events:
- 1:00pm – 2:30pm a free Referee seminar and test. Minimum requirement is White Belt Cap Mot.
- National Belt Test for Cap Bon and Black Belts.
Please contact your instructor in order to register to the above events.